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Can you Hack it? Attend, Innovate, Design, Build, Compete, Win in the Netherland's first Innovation League. Backed by IBM Watson and Bluemix and The City of Groningen, the League is designed to foster innovation by gamifying short term innovation events better known as hackathons. Join us to 'play' in the four 'game' season in 2016 and create new products in Internet of Things, Big Data, Health and Energy - four topics where Groningen excels in innovation. There's cash prizes at every hackathon (1000s of euro) which will be judged by a jury of Industry experts - and - the opportunity for individuals and teams to shine at each game and overall at the end of the season include: Best Coder, Best Designer, Best Concepter and Best Overall Hack Team. Find out more about this awesome event or just sign up straight away through the website of Hacked in Groningen

League Schedule

Feb 26-28, 2016 2016 Date TBA 2016 Date TBA 2016 Date TBA
Internet of Things Health  Energy  Big Data
Launchcafe Groningen Launchcafe Groningen Launchcafe Groningen Launchcafe Groningen

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Praktische informatie

Datum 26 feb 2016 - 28 feb 2016
Locatie Launchcafe, Groningen
Prijs Gratis
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