Hack for Energy

Hack for Energy [H4ck Energy] is a national hackathon for Energy Transition for the Netherlands powered by ENGIE and Energy Academy Europe and backed by the City of Groningen, Province of Groningen and the Hackitarians Foundation.

You will be hacking with  latest cutting-edge technology from IBM with cognitive computing via Watson for Artificial Intelligence and their brilliant development platform Bluemix – as well as bringing their expertise in, Big Data,  Blockchain technology and and Internet of Things.

The event is part of the Hacked in Groningen hackathon league – which quantifies and uses innovation as a benchmark  for winning prizes, gaining points and attaining status (best coder, best designer and best commercial concepter).

Text above taken from www.h4ckenergy.com

If you are passionate about hacking and energy then go to www.h4ckenergy.com for more information and to register yourself. 

Praktische informatie

Datum 14 okt 2016 - 16 okt 2016
Locatie EnTranCe | Zernikelaan 17, Groningen
Tijd 17:00 - 17:30 uur
Prijs Gratis
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